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From sketch to monument

Our customer base stretches from artists to public and private clients. You have probably seen some of our castings in public squares, parks and institutions. We use multiple technics, Sand mold casting and Cire Perdue(Lost Wax) with our own investment technique and with the “ceramic-shell” process, as well as in combinations. The casting method chosen is the appropriate, to the object. We are proficient in everything from moldmaking, castings, patina and chasing. As well as complicated installations and maintenance. We at Bergman’s has a broad contact network with artists, gallery owners, architects and construction firms. This allows us to undertake turnkey contracts from model to a finished sculpture installed. (Even if it’s a fountain or a electrical heated bench).

One of two horses from the Triumphal Quadriga
One of two horses from the Triumphal Quadriga, in Stockholm

You can also order bronzes from Bergman’s collections of classical sculptures. One example is the bronze horses on Blasieholmen, Stockholm. Also known as the Horses of Saint Mark (at St Mark’s Basilica in Venice).

Over 120 years of combined knowledge and experience from bronze and fine art castings, ensures that our customers feel confident they receive professional craftsmanship.

– Casting at “Bergmans” has a value in itself.


Man's Head
Man's Head - sculptor Liss Eriksson. This is a fine example of one of our oxidizings. We use a very wide range of colors accordingly to the artists desires.

Bronze is a mixture of 85% copper and 15% other metals, usually zinc, tin, and sometimes silica, so called “silicone brons”. Bronze has a melting point of about 900 C. The casting temperature is varying for different casting methods, approximately 1030-1180 C. Bronze has been used for the casting of artefacts in 1000s of years. The sheer beauty of bronze and it’s durability are the reasons that many great renaissance masters such as Michelangelo, Andrea Riccio, Donatello, Andrea del Verrocchio and Rodin used bronze as final material for his sculptures.

As well as many of our Swedish sculptors:

Carl Eldh, Marie-Louise Ekman, Carl Milles, Astri Taube, Asmund Arle, Ruth Milles, Arvid Backlund, Lena Lervik, Richard Brixel, Marianne Lindberg De Geer, Bror Chronander, Aline Magnusson, Axel Ebbe, Hertha Hillfon, Christian Eriksson, Ann-Sofi Sidén, Liss Eriksson, Assa Kauppi, Torsten Fridh, Carin Ellberg, Carl Frisendahl, Eva Lange, Stig Blomberg, Hanna Beling, Bror Hjorth, Kajsa Mattas, Johan Tobias Sergel, Klara Kristalova, Per Hasselberg, Tilda Lovell, Eric Grate, Åsa Wrange, Anders Zorn, Carolina Benedicks-Bruce, Willy Gordon, Siri Derkert, Torsten Renqvist, Louise Lidströmer, Arvid Knöppel, Lena Cronqvist, Peter Linde, Linnéa Jörpeland, Bernt Notke, Cecilia Edefalk, Torsten Jurell, Katrine Helmersson, Eva Löfdahl, Sonja Petterson. Samt många andra.