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Short History

Herman Bergman 1869-1954
Herman Bergman 1869-1954

Herman Bergman started the Fine Art Foundry more then 120 years ago. It is the largest and oldest fine art foundry in Scandinavia.

One reason it has survived this long is due to our two casting techniques that complement one another.

The first dates back to ancient times, and is known worldwide with as Cire perdue (Lost wax-casting). Particularly well suited for detailed sculptures, art objects.

The second is a product of the industrialization and is known by Sand mold casting or Sand casting. It has been used very successfully when casting large statues and monuments, as well as smaller but less intricate objects.

Some of the works casted by Herman Bergman Fine Art Foundry throughout the years are Carl Milles “Poseidon” in Gothenburg, “Orpheus” in Stockholm and Bror Hjorths “Näckens polska”(the Dansing waterspirit or “the Necks Polska”) in Uppsala. More recently we did cast Lenny Clarhälls “Ådalsmonumentet”, the beautiful ancient “Horses of Saint Mark” at Blasieholmstorg and Milles “Hevenly father on the firmaments arc” at Nacka Strand.

The foundry, previously located on Roslagsgatan in Norrmalm, at the hart of Stockholm. Relocated in early 1950ths to the foundrys current premises in Enskede. Just south of central Stockholm.

“The County Board finds that Herman Bergman Fine Art Foundry AB is of great importance from a cultural and art historic point of view. The foundry has existed for more than 100 years and is one of the oldest fine art foundrys. Many of the country’s foremost sculptors have had their works produced here including Carl Milles. The foundry’s staff has an invaluable experience and skillset that must be passed on.”

County Administrative Board of Stockholm 2001-03-20.

Anniversary of the Art Foundry 20/10 1909
Anniversary of the Art Foundry 20/10 1909

Anniversary of the Art Foundry 20/10 1909

In this picture: The architect and etcher Herman Hägg (fr. London), Medal engraver Erik Lindberg, Admiral and sculptor Otto Strandman, sculptor Carl Fagerberg, Professor Adolf Lindberg; The sculptor Carl Eldh, Professor Axel Tallberg, The Art Caster Herman Bergman.